Quiescence Therapeutics was born from the need of high quality, plant based, therapeutic grade products to support our treatments and the desire to bring the magic of herbs into people’s day to day life.

Making a conscious move away from petroleum and chemical derivatives we have utilised the ancient knowledge of Chinese Medicine to make our own skin care products, therapeutic herbal teas and herbal booster packs for bone broth or soups.

Our products are all made to highlight the beauty and efficacy of Chinese herbal medicine.  We use the highest quality ingredients at all times.  Our herbs are all A-grade and are certified to be heavy metal and pesticide free by Eurofins.  Our oils, butters and beeswax are organic as are the ingredients that make up our herbal teas.

All Quiescence Therapeutics products are lovingly hand made on site in our busy Chinese Medicine clinic.  The recipes are based on clinically successful herbal formulas and modern botanical knowledge.  Made in very small batches there is likely to be slight variation in the colour or smell of some products but never in the quality.