Quiescence Therapeutics

Birth and Post-Natal Care


Routine pre birth acupuncture is an important part of preparing your mind and body for birth.

On a physical level acupuncture and herbal medicine can assist the body maintain amniotic fluid levels late in the pregnancy, soften the cervix and encourage the baby to descend into the birth canal.  On an emotional level we can explore the often daunting transition of becoming a mother.

We strongly support the use of acupressure during birth to aid pain control and promote partner involvement. We teach location and technique and provide a booklet to ensure it is carried out correctly. (See our Guide to Induction Points here )

Post -Natal Care

Chinese Medicine is not only concerned with what it takes to become and carry a health pregnancy, it also recognises the huge demand pregnancy and birth places on the mother, both physically and mentally. In Ancient China new mothers where kept in bed for three months to ensure full recovery. While this is admittedly a bit excessive and somewhat difficult to manage in our society, it does go to show how seriously the tole of birth was regarded and the importance placed on full recovery.

Excellent treatment protocols were developed for treating a whole range of post natal complaints including fatigue, mastitis, lack of milk production, abdominal cramping, constipation, night sweats, uterine bleeding, Post natal depression  and any emotional concerns that came with the new role.

For more information about Chinese Medicine and acupuncture treatment during pregnancy see our Pregnancy Page.