Acupressure Induction Points

These induction points can be extremely useful in relieving pain both during pregnancy and in promoting an overall sense of calmness during birth experience. You may need to try different acupressure points during labour and have your support person adjust their pressure and placements based on your feedback.

Point HEGU L.I.- 4

Pain Relief in Labor

This point is found between the bones of the thumb and first finger. It lies at the highest point formed where the thumb is brought to rest against the index finger.

You or your support person can use firm pressure with their thumb. This point has a dull achy feeling. When located correctly this point can be used to provided general pain relief in labour.

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Help the Cervix to Dilate

This acupressure point is located using four of your finger widths above the tip of the shin bone on the inside of the ankle. This area will often be tender and the point is found when you slide your finger off the edge of the tibia bone, towards the inside of the leg. It is useful to press on the tibia when first locating this point as pressing on this bone produces a very different sensation from the acupressure point.

This acupressure point has an effect in helping the cervix to dilate and can be used to help the cervix to dilate efficiently.

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Point CILIAO BL- 32

Pain Relief in Labor

This acupressure point lies midway between the dimples above the buttocks and the lumbar spine. As labour begins you can start here and as the labour progresses move down the spine. This acupressure point is most frequently used whe you’re leaning or kneeling against a wall, table or bed. It’s shown here sitting on a fit ball, resting against a bed.

Acupressure Induction Points4.jpg


Help Stimulate Contraction

To locate this point draw an imaginary line between the bony prominence of the neck, and the top of the shoulder joint. This point lies midway along this curved line, at the highest point of the shoulder muscle.

The pressure can be applied at the beginning of each contraction or continual gentle pressure applied that is intensified during contractions. This acupressure point has a descending action to aide the first and second stages of labour and can stimulate uterine contractions.

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It’s also a helpful point during breastfeeding to help promote the breast milk and relieve muscular tension.